Appointment Policy

Please fill in the fields with * and then your appointment can be made when we send you confirmation. Under this Post-COVID19 period, we charge $25 non-refundable fee to subsidy our sales.

Appointment can only be made MORE than 1 day before your visiting time. Any appointment made within 1 day before your real visit will need to be double confirmed with our staff

We do not offer bridesmaid online appointment making, if you want to check our bridesmaid collection, please contact our customer support by phone or email. They will help you with your needs.

Please be noted that we require cancellation of appointment or rescheduling 24 hours before your appointment. If we send reminder and you have confirmed with your appointment, but end up with a no-show, we will not refund.

Our safety policy in response to the pandemic and certain restrictions. We ask you and your gust to follow these practices when visiting our boutique:

If you or someone in your household is sick or has been exposed to COVID-19, we kindly ask that you remain home per CDC guidelines.

All brides and their guests should wear a mask.

Due to social distance laws, we are only allowing brides to bring some additional guest with them to their show room appointments. Children under 14 is not allowed.

During the appointment, the bride and the guest should adhere to the social distance. The guest will be able to help the guest to fit in the dress. Our stylist / consultant will wait downstairs for questions and answers.

The bride will put on the dress herself or under the assistance with the other guest. If instructions on how to fit is necessary, the bridal consultant will come on for questions and answers, but in safe distance.

Our central scheduling staff will send confirmation to your appointment in 12 hours. Thanks!

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