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Born in June 2015, Selena Huan Bridal is known as a handmade designer wedding dress brand named under the designer’s name. Designed by Selena herself, the logo with the “SH” from her initials wrapped in a circle can be viewed as the most direct expression for love and dream, indicating a happy and perfect marriage.


Selena Huan Bridal originated from a little girl's dream of hand-made fairy dress: she wanted to make herself the most special one and wear it at her most beautiful moments to record her glorious young time forever. Since then, she kept studying painting for more than ten years and sketched thousands of her dream dresses.

Time flies, her passion and dedication on designing and making her dream dress has never faded. Studied under her grandmother who was born in a family of traditional  embroidery, Selena always has unique insights on embroidery pattern and fabric reconstruction, which makes her gowns never a simple stack of laces, but carefully designed poetic lace pattern. During her college study, she systematically learnt all fashion design courses by herself. Since then, Selena Huan has used her more than ten years of experience in fabric design and apparel plot and designed customized wedding gowns and prom dresses for several friends and relatives. On June 23, 2015, the second anniversary of her marriage, Selena Huan Bridal was founded.

Insisting on to her initial dream, Selena Huan and all her co-workers spend all their efforts to extraordinary designs and craftsmanship, to record your most beautiful time in love. In order to make each dress perfect, Selena Huan not only acts as the leading designer, but also monitors selection of raw materials and the whole production process. Her insistence on using high-grade hand appliquéd lace, Austria or Czech imported gemstone, Swarovski crystal and pearls, paired with exquisite craftsmanship, makes the cost inevitably high. However, adhering to quality and prestige first, she refuses to use cheaper alternative materials. To make each bride 100% satisfied, she utilize high material utilization rate supported by the great tailor suit skills of her workers to lower down the variable costs and sell each gown at an extremely affordable price. In Selena Huan Bridal, you will find nothing related to commercial values and secular fame. You will see each stich works perfect for you and makes every remarkable moment stays forever for your life.

Along the way from privately tailor-maid gowns for relatives and friends to create her first signature collection, Selena always adhere to use of the most exquisite materials and craftsmanship, combined with inspiration from the ‘20s and ‘50s fashion, to create timelessly classic fashion artwork. In addition to regular research on newest fabric, sewing techniques and most updated top-notch fashion designs, she prefer looking for inspiration from architectures, flowers, plants and traditional clothes in different places when travelling. Using her camera to record the precious moments, she recorded all unique pieces of beauty and integrated them into her design, giving each of her dresses an unmistakable charisma that enhance the bride’s own captivating charm.


The latest Selena Huan Collection focuses on flattering your natural curves with streamlined silhouettes and beguiling illusions. The enchanting mermaid dresses utilize rich but light fabrics and elegantly beaded French lace and sequins combination together with dramatic backs, to highlight the soft curves and flirtatious temptation of each lovely bride. The luxurious ball gowns blend the essence of classic baroque architectural art into the design and cut. Voluminous skirts with layers of tulle and lace embrace equal parts romantic and chic. Neat and meticulous soluble laces simulate superb cameos, while Austrian imported gemstones and pearls embellishment accentuate the breathtaking beauty of a woman in love.


Besides wedding gown collection, Selena Huan Bridal also sells original-designed bridesmaid dresses. Using exceptional cut, concise design, wedding-gown grade fabrics, and varied popular colors, Selena Huan Bridesmaid provides the best-worthy dresses for each bridesmaid. Selena Huan Flower Girl collection also offers most beautiful flower girl dresses at best prices. Made from wedding-gown grade fabrics and lavishly embellished with laces and beads, all of our flower girls dresses not only connect angels in the fairy to our most lovely girls, but also provide them with the most comfortable experience by applying 100% cotton as lining, gently protecting their delicate skin.


Selena Huan Bridal is the persistent dream chaser. Regardless of how time changes, we never blindly pursue pure commercial interests. The process of completing each handmade dress shows our deep expression on love and dream. Our dresses are looking for women who understand themselves best, pay attention to their own value, and never blindly follow the trend.


In order to alleviate the worries of our brides due to limited budget and long waiting time, Selena Huan Bridal has done a great job on streamlining the supply chain, which greatly reduces the added cost earned by middlemen and wholesalers and ensures our price lower than the market price of the same grade wedding dresses. In addition to providing standard size dresses, we also provide customized tailor-made services to make sure that every customer can harvest 100% satisfaction during the shopping experience at Selena Huan Bridal.

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