Oncidiums - Selena Huan Pearl Beaded Strapless Ruffled Ball Gown - Rental

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Color: ivory
Fishbone: 11 root shaping
Chest pad: Built-in
Hem layers: 7 (From outside to inside) – 1 layers of soft netting, 1 layer of pear beaded lace netting, 2 layers of soft tulle, 1 layer of thick imported satin, 1 layer of stiff netting, 1 layer of charmeuse lining
Accessories: Ivory applique lace, pear beads, sequins, transparent crystal beads
Strap / zipper: Zipper
Train length: 2 Feet

Extras Free Shipping, free dust-free packing bag & free water-resistance

In the bright sunshine of spring, oncidium bloom like a beautiful dancing girl, presenting her thrilling beauty to people. This stunning wedding dress is adorned with a selection of glossy silk embroidery lace fabric covering the entire skirt and irregular tulle ribbons to mimic the unique texture and shape of oncidium blossom, and our specially designed orchid-pattern pearl beaded laces on the upper bodice to mimic the gesture of oncidium blooming. This dress was born in the constant pursuit of distinctive design idea, exquisite laces and astonishing silhouettes, which can accurately convey the moral of eternal happiness and deep love.


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